Natural Games 2012

Natural Games 2012



1. Ryan Bastin – UK – Maverick Slacklines – 500€
2. Ezequiel Troncoso – ESP – Gibbon Slacklines – 350€
3. Takaomi Kubo (Omi) – JAP – – 150€
4. Lucas Caussade – FRA –
5. Lloyd Mitchener – UK – Maverick Slacklines
6. Ian Jennings – UK – Maverick Slacklines
7. Nathanaël Reder – ESP – Gibbon Slacklines
8. Ben Skelton – UK – Maverick Slacklines
9. Jacob Hirsch-Holland – UK – Maverick Slacklines
10. Baptiste Verdurand – FRA –
11. Jake White – UK – Maverick Slacklines
12. Harry Cloudfoot – UK – Maverick Slacklines
13. Charles Chater – UK – Maverick Slacklines
14. Alain Custovic – SWISS –
15. Mathieu Mouroux – FRA –
16. Jérémie Couthouis – FRA –

We were first contacted by Thibaut from back in March about sending some team riders to compete in the trickline contest at the Natural Games… The Vibram Natural Games is Europe’s largest outdoor sports festival, with many of the world’s top freestyle athletes competing in climbing, slacklining, paragliding, kayak and mountain bike events, with great live music acts and a relaxed atmosphere… It’s held in Millau, in the South of France in spectacular natural terrain.

Originally, we were asked to send three riders, with the organisers kindly offering to cover travel expenses… however, with a bit of negotiation, and some extra help from Maverick, the decision was made to stretch the budget to it’s limit and take as many guys as we could! This was gonna be too good an opportunity not to share around! So, in the true spirit of slacklife, three became eight and a team road-trip was on the agenda with myself, Ryan, Jacob, Ben, Jake White, Harry, Chill and Lloyd on board!

This is the first time we’ve been invited to an international, open competition and we’re really grateful to be asked to take part. We’ll all be competing for a place in the finals and we’ll be proudly representing not only Maverick Slacklines, but the whole UK slackline community! some of whom are travelling with us for support…

Natural Games - The Maverick Slackline Team

Natural Games - Ryan Bastin WINNER

We’re really looking forward to being a part of the European community and finally putting faces to the facebook profiles!

We’re hoping to meet some really cool people on the trip, smash some epic lines, throw down some brain-melting tricks, and generally have a great time!

We’ll keep you updated along the way and hit you up with a full report on our return…

Wish us luck!

Ian @ Maverick Slacklines

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