Walsall Arboretum

Walsall Arboretum

Walsall Arboretum 13/11/10

The 13th was our lucky day. Fry up, sunshine, and a perfect slackline spot.

Arriving at the arboretum, where Maverick Industries were hosting the opening jam for Walsall skate park, their newest creation, I only had one thing on my mind and it wasn’t skateboarding. It must be a good couple of weeks since I last felt a line under my feet, thanks to the lack of daylight and abundance of rain, but today presented us with clear skies and a wealth of slacking options.

After not much deliberation, we chose our spot. Three lines off one tree. An 8m beginner line coming off one way, to cater for the inevitable motivation of passersby. A 16m trick line in the middle and a 25m long line coming off the other way.

Once Ian had warmed up by carrying the ridiculously heavy 50m coil of webbing to the spot for the long line, he proceeded to send it first time with not so much as a judder all the way along. And to get into the bounce on the trick line, he came close to landing a front somersault back onto the line as his first trick of the day. It’s on!

Before long we were seeing crucifixes, one hand down combos and plenty of seat-drops. The sunshine had us happily motivated, so everything just seemed to work.

As always, we got lots of positive attention from skaters and general public, keen to have a go and take a piece home on their camera phone. While Ian talks some beginners through the basics and casually lands a tree-plant180 as if he does it all the time, I pulled off my best combo yet on the long line. It’s great to see people enjoying watching us have fun, and reminds me of what it’s like to see something and think ‘woah! I want a go on that!’

By the time we’d nailed a couple of new seat-drop combos, and bailed far more, our bodies were telling us to release the tension and call it a day. So we did. Another wicked day with the Maverick Slackline crew.

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